AXITEC has been one of the best German quality brands for solar modules for years. The engineering team at its headquarters in Böblingen (Germany) controls the worldwide production capacities of over 300MWp. The company’s core competence includes the complete solar module process chain from development, manufacturing and quality assurance to sales and service.

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AXIworldpremium 350-370 Wp72 cells, mono

Axiworldpremium modules are available between 350 to 370 Wp. It is a 72 cell based on Mono PERC technology with A grade BOM. The modules are highly effective and trustworthy.


Axitec provides exclusive linear high performance guarantee. You can yield 1-8% more power than any other local module even after 25 years. 

AXIworldpower 315-335 Wp72 cells, poly

Axiworldpower polycrystalline high performance module comes with 15 years of product warranty. The German engineered modules are manufactured with specifically selected technology and A grade BOM.


AXIpremium XL HC 430-445 Wp144 cells, mono

AXIpremium XL HC are Half-cut Monoperc module having 144 cells. The Monoperc technology brings higher power generation and gives you better ROI.




AXIpremium X 380-400 Wp72 cell, mono

AXIpremium X modules are available between 380-400 Wp. It is a 72 cell based on Mono technology with A grade BOM. The module comes with 15 Years of product warranty and 25 years of performance guarantee.


AXIpremium X HC 385-415 Wp144 half-cells, mono

AXIpremium X HC modules are based on Half-Cut Monocrystalline technology. The modules are having 144 half cut cell, which increase the power generation and gives higher efficiency. You can yield upto 8% more power than any other local module even after 25 years.