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AXITEC has been one of the best German quality brands for solar modules for years. The engineering team at its headquarters in Böblingen (Germany) controls the worldwide production capacities of over 300MWp. The company’s core competence includes the complete solar module process chain from development, manufacturing and quality assurance to sales and service.

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AC-390MH/144S (FS40) (5BB)AXIworldpremium X

AC-320MH/120SB (FS35) (5BB)AXIworldblackpremium X

AC-320M/60S (FS35) (5BB)AXIpremium X

AXIpremium HC 310-325 Wp120 half-cells, mono

AC-310M/60S (FS35) (5BB)AXIpremium BLK

AXIpower 270-280 Wp60 cells, poly

AXIpower 325-335 Wp72 cells, poly


AXIpremium 290-310 Wp60 cells, mono

AXIblackpremium 290-300 Wp60 cells, mono



AXIpower HC 280-295 Wp120 half-cells, poly

AXIpower HC 330-345 Wp144 half-cells, poly

AXIpremium HC 370-390 Wp144 half-cells, mono